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Home of The Five Fathers of Music Introducing a  NEW & INNOVATIVE  way to teach your students & children about  legendary composers BACH, MOZART,  BEETHOVEN, BRAHMS  AND GERSHWIN!
Lesson Plans Done For YOU! Share in the excitement of the FIVE FATHERS of MUSIC’s Deluxe,  Home or Camp Edition so we can add  you to our growing list of friends! 9 Sequential Activities, 40 Day Syllabus, Discusses 20 great classical pieces
Follow us on Facebook These videos describe the games used in "The Five Fathers of Music," a music history program using short videos, poems, worksheets and listening activities to teach about Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms and Gershwin.  It also shows Notespeed, a fast paced game designed to teach people notes on the music staff. Connect with the Five Fathers of Music on Linked in the professional's network